Cover art and tracklist for the PHASE I album.
Picture shot by Ginney Noa
Coverart design by Cecil Kleine

Thinking back Stijn ‘Major Skills’ Tegelaar and I have been working in the studio for a few years now and at some point, we decided to release an EP. But what was supposed to be a small project with just 4 songs, became a fully fletched album with 8 self written songs, inspired by the likes of Usher, Chris Brown and Bruno Mars!

Together with Powersounds and Popunie Rotterdam I got the opportunity to present all the songs at the official release party, which was an amazing moment to me. Friends, loved ones, family. Everyone was there.

I will always be really proud of what we’ve achieved up until now. This project was my sign of finally being able to share my music with the world, without boundaries.

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Much love to everyone who’s supporting my journey. I’m in love with this process and I hope to take you to so many more places.